Thursday, November 13, 2008

Should dead artists still be paid royalties?

Now I must admit to not having heard of this before, it does though seem ridiculous. For those of you who can't be bothered to follow the link it basically refers to royalties for artists. At present (since 2006) artists can claim a portion of the sale price of their work even when it is sold by a third party this is calculated on a sliding scale up to a maximum of €12,500. I cannot see how this is just though, an artist can sell his work to a collector and pocket money at this point then when the collector sells it he claims a cut, then when the next buyer sells it he gains a cut and so on. Quite frankly if I sold my car to someone I wouldn't expect them to pay me more money when they then sold the car on.

But that's the law anyway, the issue now is whether these rights should continue for artists after their death. The dead were due to be brought in in 2010 but the UK IPO are considering delaying until 2012: "All of the artists and artists' estates who expressed an opinion on the derogation have said that they thought that it should be allowed to lapse...All bar two of the often detailed responses from the art trade were in support of extending the derogation until 2012...Several UK collecting societies and representatives of other rights made submissions saying that the derogation should be allowed to lapse in order that resale right is brought into line with the other types of copyright,"

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