Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A few sites

So I lost to Wigan (in case anyone cared) and now I am trying to keep my head above water in the seemingly never ending flood of options that comes with a blog, all I want is to write some stuff and stick it on the net! Who knew it would be this hard, but I'm digressing the purpose of this post was just to set out a few of my favoured sites on the net for IP/IT/Media/Whatever else I want to know about at that time law: - Law firm Pinsent Masons site dedicated to IT, e-commerce law etc always worth a check. - a classic to be read everyday. - just an automatically generated news site but can be useful if merely to avoid trawling round a load of other sites.

On top of the above the BBC site has a good technology section and also the Times site has a good law section, oops nearly forgot: (well someone has to stick by us!).

Has anyone else got any recommendations for me?

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