Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not another blog

Well well I have finally decided to put up this blog. It has been in the pipelines for months now and I haven't quite had the inclination to actually get up off my arse and make it, but here it is (I'm as shocked as anyone). Although the story of it's inception is one of pure procrastination i.e. I have an assessment to but I really can't be bothered and my alternative uses of time are either a) Football Manager, but the season isn't going well or b) Alexander Dumas' 'The Count of Monte Cristo which whilst undoubtedly fantastic is just sending me to sleep at the moment.

So what is this blog going to be about I hear you cry (well I'm sure someone did), basically it will be about Intellectual Property law and IT law etc but unlike a lot of what is out there it will be presented in a more casual way (what can I say I'm a casual kinda guy). Being as it is about law I should really start with some kind of disclaimer, so here goes:

As with any legal blogs: The news and articles on IP FREELY are not legal advice and you shouldn't rely on them as if they were, this blog is merely my own personal opinions. Please do not act on any of the information on this blog without first getting professional advice on the subject. IP FREELY does not accept any liability in connection with your use of the information on the site.


Well at least that's over and done with, anyway a crunch Carling Cup tie with Wigan calls for my full attention so back to Footy Manager it is. Check back soon for new (and hopefully relevant) posts!

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