Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama and IP

So Obama won then, now whilst this blog will focus mainly on the UK there's no point ignoring what happens over the pond as invariably it affects our little country.

When I read that Obama had won I immediately realised that I was yet to read anything about either parties IP policies, so I had a dredge on the ol' Google box. In the most part they seemed to agree but Obama has an idea for patent law (for full article see: he wants to introduce a 'Gold Plated Patent'. This idea is seemingly to combat the increasing number of 'poor quality' patents out there by introducing a higher standard of patent that would be subject to more stringent search examinations etc but conversely would be considered as 'stronger' protection by the courts. Surely though this would be better dealt with by just making the current patent application process more stringent, I can see nothing to gain (except maybe more fees for the USPTO) by adding another level of patent.

What does he say about copyright I hear you cry...........: "We need to update and reform our copyright system" .......... well who knew?!?! it seems that Obama needs to do a bit more homework before he starts this.

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