Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Copyright duration for performers just not enough

Musicians are kicking up a storm over what they see as inadequate copyright durations (see BBC). A video message on behalf of 38,000 UK musicians has been sent to Gordon Brown, at present performer's copyright run's out after 50 years (unlike the composer's which is 70 years after death). This means that session musicians that performed on famous songs in the '60s will soon lose their royalty payments. The EC is backing proposals for a 95 year duration for performers and producers.

The article goes on to say how skint musicians are (so am I!!!!) and that they deserve more. IP Freely supports their campaign and see's no real reason not to increase the protection period to 95 years (well 70 at the least). I mean look at the poor chaps in the picture they obviously haven't bought any new 'threads' (I'm ghetto) for many a year.

But the Department for Innovation, Universities & Skills says: "We are sympathetic to the European Commission's goal of improving the situation for performers but we don't believe that the current proposal achieves this aim...the UK believes the proposal is too complex and most of the benefits will go to the record companies rather than the performers...the UK is still considering the detail of this proposal and it will consider future alternatives that come forward."

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