Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ronaldo Real's number 9?

IP Freely must admit that he is not a big fan of Cristiano "wheres my Ferrari gone" Ronaldo but as this is an IP blog IP Freely feels obliged to mention his new Portugeese registration for 'CR9'.

Originally reported in the Telegraph speculation has now arisen that this registration (he also has a pending CTM application for the same mark) shows that he is due to abandon the Red Devils (that's Manchester United for those of you not in the know) for sunny Spain and Real Madrid. The reason? well at United Ronaldo wears number 7 with (I think) Berbatov holding the coveted nunber 9 shirt however if he moves to Real Madrid it is believed he will take the number 9 shirt hence the applications. It also noted that perenial underachiever Saviola currently holds the 9 shirt at Real and has recently been linked with Wigan so maybe there are some legs in the story!

More interesting still is the classification for which Ronaldo has applied: "Services for providing food and drink; temporary and hotel accommodation" Ronaldo hotel anyone? I'll take the diving suite please!

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