Monday, January 19, 2009

The music you are downloading is illegal (probably)

95% of music downloads are illegal (according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) see original BBC article here) although there has been a 25% rise in legal downloads since last year.

The chairman of the IFPI stated:
"There is a momentous debate going on about the environment on which our business, and all the people working in it, depends."

"Governments are beginning to accept that, in the debate over 'free content' and engaging ISPs in protecting intellectual property rights, doing nothing is not an option if there is to be a future for commercial digital content."

However the Open Rights Group have different views:

"We are worried by the recording industry's desire to clamp down on illicit file sharers."

"We need to see how much better these companies do by getting their services right before governments start pushing drastic and draconian laws forward."

"Growing online sales show the recording industry can win against illicit file sharing."

"If companies go further and offer the same sort of experience as P2P then they will win new revenues, and reduce copyright infringement, which we would welcome."
So where does IP Freely stand? I hear you cry. Well with the Open Rights Group if you must know, where industries have taken action before it has ended disastrously (think the computer game industries ongoing attempts) at present more time should be spent on the technologies involved as opposed to legislating to punish the "theft". All that will happen if legislation comes first is that even before the legislation is pushed through it will be outdated and useless. Before going after their customers the music (and other entertainment) industry need to look at their business models, perhaps by being creative in the way they make their money they won't need to alienate the consumer.

"What do you guys think though? Is it right for the entertainment industries to protect their interests through application of the law or should they pull the proverbial finger out and come up with new ways of doing business?"

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