Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Who cares about the credit crunch when you can litigate

This may be old news but the number of IP disputes in the High Court has shot up by a whopping 83 per cent in the past year, this is as many commentators predicted with businesses moving to protect their IP rights in the economic downturn.

Statistics show that 422 IP cases reached the High Court in 2007, this is up from 230 in 2006. Patents and registered design cases rose a massive 95 per cent, while copyright and design rights claims were up 43 per cent.

Obviously this is good news for professionals, although IP Freely is beginning to realise that there is always work for an IP good times clients have more cash to splash and so there is work to be had in advising how to protect rights and yet in the bad times there is a wealth of litigation to play with....can't lose.

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