Wednesday, April 1, 2009

WIPO Court?

Having watched the G20 "protests" with much interest (i.e. do these people really think a few thousand of them 'kicking up a fuss' is gonna make the slightest bit of difference to government policy then they're more retarded than they look) IP Freely noticed a piece on the IPKat to the effect that the G20 conference has reccomended a World IP Court.

The idea is that the World Intellectual Property Litigation Court is to be in action by 2012, WIPO say:

"The World Intellectual Property Organization welcomes this adoption of this proposal as a recognition of the need to balance the requirements of least developed litigation nations (the "LDL" group) with the fair treatment of intellectual property owners and creators, having regard to the organization's development programme and the need to preserve the organisation's prerogatives from unwarranted encroachments by the World Trade Organization".

The IPKat goes on to discuss quite where the court will be located, IP Freely recommends the UK so it is easy for him.

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