Tuesday, March 10, 2009

UK users blocked from music vids

Youtube's negotiation with the PRS (Performing Rights Society) have ground to a halt as "PRS is now asking us to pay many, many times more for our licence than before,". Unfortunately for us this has led to Youtube blocking access to music videos for UK users.

Youtube already have deals sorted with three of the four major record labels, such deals though only cover the video and performance rights whereas the PRS represent the publishers who own the songwriting rights.

IP Freely is really dissapointed with this, there are NO winners just losers.

However IP Freely takes heart from the following statement by Youtube: "We're still working with PRS for Music in an effort to reach mutually acceptable terms for a new licence, but until we do so we will be blocking premium music videos in the UK that have been supplied or claimed by record labels. This was a painful decision, and we know the significant disappointment it will cause within the UK...We hope that professional music videos will soon be back on YouTube for our users in the UK to enjoy."

Luckily there is still a raft of probably copyright infringing live vids on there, including one of IP Freely's favourites: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8JK9dQk3og

Everyone has had a bit of this pie, check out what they think: Out-law, IP Kat, and the Beeb.

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