Wednesday, March 4, 2009

REM shoot themselves in the foot

US "rock" giants REM have issued a copyright infringement claim against Danish pop outfit Hej Matematik.

REM's record label Warners accuse Hej Matematik of copying parts of 'Supernatural Superserious' (a track recorded in 2008) in their recent release 'Walkmand'. However the Danish duo have informed Warner's that their track is in fact a cover of a 1980's hit by a Michael Hardinger, Hei Matematik stated:

"We really can't hear the similarity ourselves and if there's any at all, then it would be that 'Walkmand' originated from a sample of Michael Hardinger’s 'Walk, Mand!!' from 1981."

Michael Hardinger is reported to have given the thumbs up to Hei Matematik's version but their is no indication as to any agreement with REM. Hei Matematik are now trying to settle with REM and Warner's, it may well be though that Hardinger gets dragged in to the dispute.

IP Freely never particularly liked REM anyway and waits to see if Hardinger decides to issue against them! It is however unlikely.

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